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Who We Are

Who is Gate City Vineyard?


Gate City Vineyard is a welcoming, come-as-you-are community of Jesus followers who seek to spread the love of God wherever we go and invite people to experience that love for themselves.

What is our Worship like?

Our Worship is an authentic encounter with God. We are sometimes quiet and sometimes exuberant, but at all times focused on Jesus – getting to know Him, worshiping Him, and deepening our intimacy with Him.

What type of teaching can I expect?

Our Teaching is biblical and practical. You will be challenged to think out of the box, to hear what the Bible says in fresh ways, in ways that can make a difference in your everyday life. We love to learn and ask questions and discover together the truths of God’s Word.


We invite you to join us

Sunday Mornings 
at 10:30 AM

Tell me about the fellowship.

Our Fellowship is warm and friendly; we are always seeking to come together as a family, helping one another, praying for one another, and serving one another and our community. 


Is service to others important to Gate City Vineyard?

Our Service is a key component of who we are as we give back to others out of the abundant love God has given us, both within our church family and in our community. There are many ways here to volunteer and make a difference in the life of another person.

What to Expect


Worship is an encounter with God and is the goal of our services on Sunday morning. Our worship service begins at 10:30 am on Sunday mornings with 20-25 minutes of singing and worship. We invite the Holy Spirit to speak to us and we give heartfelt praise and honor to God. We expect to experience the presence of God.



The Word of God is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. After the singing, there is a time of sharing family news and announcements and a 30-40 minute message from the Bible from Pastor Beth or one of our teaching team. The messages are down-to-earth, practical, and biblical. 


We end every sermon with a few minutes of quiet and reflection. We call this “ministry time,” a time when we believe God ministers to us and we can minister to one another. There is always an opportunity to respond to what God has stirred in us by coming up to receive prayer or by simply resting and listening quietly in God’s presence. 


We believe that God speaks to us today and that He is present in our gatherings to encourage, strengthen, and heal us. We also believe it is our highest privilege to worship Him.



Children are greatly valued in our church! We have carefully vetted and background-checked teachers who love children and care for them in our Sunday School classes. We have childcare and classes for children from birth to 6th grade. For more information on our Children’s Ministry, click here.


Last but not least, coffee is always available, before and after the service, along with friendly faces in the lobby and in the sanctuary to greet you and answer any questions you may have!

We hope you enjoy our service!


You can check it out beforehand on our Facebook live stream every Sunday morning. We look forward to meeting you!

New to Faith?

We are excited that you are on a journey of faith! If you are like most people, you have many questions about Jesus, the Bible, faith, and why it all matters. We love to help people discover for themselves the answers to these questions and many more.


Here are a few next steps we could help you take:

Attend a Service

We won’t pressure you to do anything or make you feel uncomfortable but welcome you simply to join us in God’s presence. You will see what it is all about and why we are excited about Jesus!

Read the Bible

Reading the Word of God regularly is a great way to encounter God – there are many online Bible apps in addition to the paper kind. We would be happy to provide you with a Bible and guidance to know where to start.

Steps of Faith

If you have just committed or re-committed yourself to Jesus, we would love to help you with your next steps of faith. We can assist you knowing how to begin this journey with God in a fresh way

Take the Alpha Course

We encourage you to attend the next Alpha course we offer. It is a safe and welcoming place to ask all your questions and explore your doubts.


If you have never been baptized or wonder if you should be re-baptized, we’d love to talk with you about this. We hold baptisms a couple of times a year.

Newcomers Luncheon

Newcomer's lunches are a great way to learn more about our church, our values and distinctives, and our ministries. It is also a great way to get an overview and learn how you can get involved as well as meet others.

Please feel free to contact Pastor Beth at if you would like more information on any of these options or have any questions. May you discover the love of God as you learn how to walk with Him!

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